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Contacting the best defence solicitors in Birmingham is so easy. All you need to do is to email us with your situation, and we’ll be able to get in touch with you. Remember to include all of the relevant details concerning your query, as well as many contact methods as possible to ensure we can help you out regardless of the situation. We do our best to respond to everyone as quickly as we can, but replies are not always urgent.
Please allow time for us to analyse the situation and formulate the best course of action before we contact you so that we can then help you to get the best representation possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Will you take on my case involving X or Y?

A: Yes! We aim to take on as many cases as we can and help out as much as possible.

If an area of the law is not on our list of services, that doesn't mean we won't be able to help you. We encourage you to send us a summary of your situation, and we'll take a look at it and see if there's a member of the team who can help you out.

2Will I avoid prison?

A: The nature of complex cases is, by definition, difficult to predict and explain with 100% accuracy.

We provide you with full legal representation and help you to figure out what the best course of action is. It may surprise people to know that there are situations where pleading guilty is the best possible outcome. We do not promise to keep people out of jail, as the role of a solicitor is to advise and assist, and not to obscure the course of justice.

3How do I pay for services?

A: We appreciate that there are numerous situations where financing the use of our services can be challenging for many.

There are multiple options available to you, all of which will be outlined when we agree to work with you. Whether you pay in instalments, all at once or you contact a loan company, there are ways to pay what you owe. In many cases, clients pay us via the compensation they receive for the hardship suffered throughout the charges and legal processes, but payment will be discussed with you for each specific situation.