Our Team

It’s important to us that there is complete transparency between ourselves and those we represent. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to the key members of our team. Whilst everybody who works with us is a valued member of the family, these are some of the people who you will come into contact with, when dealing with your matters.

Akhmed Yakoob

Principal/Senior Solicitor

Our principal solicitor, Mr Akhmed Yakoob is responsible for tackling all areas of complex cases.

If you have a case which relates to murder, complex fraud, terrorism, or drug conspiracies, this is the man for you. Mr Yakoob handles a vast majority of cases such as these, and has a very high success rate.

In Court, he has been described as a fierce, powerful, a firm advocate for justice, and a high-level litigator, capable of sitting down with the very best. Currently, he is involved with multi handed conspiracies all across the UK, and has successfully defended high profile cases.

Mr Mazhar Iqbal

Senior Solicitor/Higher Courts Advocate

If you are looking for help with driving offences or Magistrates Court cases, Mr Mazhar Iqbal is the man you need fighting your corner.

He is one of our senior solicitors, and a Higher Courts Advocate, who deals primarily with Magistrates' Court cases. He has a very high success rate, and has been described by his clients as a robust, and eloquent Advocate with a professional outlook.

Tabrace Hussain

Office Manager

Our office manager, Mr Hussain was previously a successful business man in the private sector before joining the team at Maurice Andrews Solicitors.

Mr Hussain is now the franchise manager who oversees the day to day running of the company. Mr Hussain is an accredited police station representative, with a wealth of experience in Magistrates and Crown Court case work preparation. His hard work and determination speak for itself.

Shanice Hazell

Trainee Solicitor

Our Miss Hazel is a trainee solicitor, as well as an experienced Crown court and Magistrates Court case worker who has achieved fantastic results over the years.

With a wealth of legal knowledge and a rapidly expanding client base, she is well on her way to becoming one of our best and brightest lawyers. She is also an experienced accredited police station representative.